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KVR provides radiology services to 4 hospitals, 3 imaging centers, a cancer center, and 10 physician clinics, and continues to partner with more facilities each year in our region and beyond.  Our physicians' expertise, our attention to detail, and our technological platform allow us to provide world class radiology interpretations either on-site or remotely, as needed.

"Dr. Rodgers was exceptional.  He took the time to call my orthopedic surgeon in Pittsburgh with his concerns.  He was perfect doing the procedure.  Professional and caring.  I stayed for quite a while and everyone continued to check on me, asked if I needed drinks, food, blanket.  I was very comfortable. 

Arthrogram patient, April 2015

To Dr. Krompecher:  "Thank you for taking the time to call my doctor when you saw a suspicious node.  I don't think that you were required to do so.  It meant much to me."

CT scan patient, March 2018

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