Our physicians are the experts in medical imaging and image-guided interventions.  Your radiology study will be interpreted according to the latest national standards and the newest scientific research.  Whether you're having an x-ray, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, or other study, our radiologists will make the right diagnosis and guide your doctor on the appropriate follow-up for your condition.


KVR provides full service radiology coverage to 4 local area hospitals, offering both on-site and teleradiology coverage.  Our physicians practice at the highest level of radiology and will provide your facility with timely and accurate medical imaging interpretation, as well as performing a variety of interventional procedures.   We also work to ensure your imaging department stays up to date with the latest imaging protocols, decision support criteria, and radiation safety recommendations.



Our radiologists strive to provide our referring physicians with the highest level of service, and are always available to answer questions regarding the appropriate next study to order, to discuss a patient's results, or to offer follow-up recommendations. We provide interpretation services for 10 physician clinics in the area, and can also provide PACS and IT support as needed.





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